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Welcome! We offer acupuncture and holistic health care in Miami Beach designed for you as an individual. First, we determine your unique constitution, then we design a treatment plan just for you. We use acupuncture, massage, trigger point therapy and other modalities, along with Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional counseling and lifestyle changes. This allows us the ability to treat almost any condition, even those that are resistant to conventional medical treatments. Our main goal is to restore balance to your body through our holistic care.

Many people today are out of balance. These imbalances can show up as stress, pain, trouble sleeping, digestive difficulties, chronic inflammation, and a lowered immune system. The result of continuing in such a state of imbalance is often illness, which can range from minor ailments to more severe conditions. Stress, injuries and incorrect posture and body alignment often lead to chronic muscle tension and pain.

The goal of many of our patients is to become pain-free without medication. We are happy to work together with you and any other medical doctor or health professional to find safe and healthy solutions through our holistic services. We have a close relationship with a local medical doctor who specializes in family practice, and with a local chiropractic physician, so that we are able to help our patients integrate the best of Eastern and Western medicine.

In the beautiful, tranquil setting of our office at the Waverly in South Beach, you will receive excellent care. We look forward to meeting you to find out how we can help you achieve optimal health!


  • acupuncture-3


    The use of very fine, high-quality needles inserted into specific points along acupuncture meridians (channels or pathways that carry energy...
  • moxibustion


    A concentrated form of heat infused with healing herbs which are used to stimulate acupuncture points, direct qi and provide...
  • cupping2


    The inside of a special cup is heated to produce a vacuum, then rubbed or place on the skin to...
  • Chinese Herbs

    Chinese Herbal Medicine

    Usually prescribed as a combination of herbs known as an herbal formula, which has a medicinal effect with few side...
  • neuromuscular-therapy

    Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)

    A specialized form of massage therapy that is used to work on soft tissue (muscles, tendons and connective tissue such...
  • tuina


    A form of Chinese medical massage that is often used for a specific area of tension in conjunction with an...
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